About Sandish Singh

I am Sandish Singh, an experienced Sales Coach with a passion for transforming sales processes and empowering professionals to achieve their highest potential.
I wish to share my vision and aspirations with you.
“ I aim to develop the Sales system.
I aspire to assist 100,000 entrepreneurs, to live a fulfilling and enriching business life, and to produce the next variety of Sales professionals.
The existing sales system cannot satisfy the demand of the upcoming world.
The rapidly changing needs of customers and the challenges of a globalized economy require a new approach.”

My Journey So Far

For the past several years, I have had the privilege of working in the dynamic field of sales.
My journey began as a frontline sales representative, where I honed my skills, learned the art of persuasion, and understood the intricacies of customer interactions. Over time, I transitioned into leadership roles, guiding sales teams toward success.
As a Sales Coach, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of effective coaching and training on individual performance and organizational growth.
Current Role: IT Major Incident Manager at Kyndryl Solutions
In my full-time role at Kyndryl Solutions, an IBM spin-off company, I serve as an IT Major Incident Manager.
This position demands agility, strategic thinking, and the ability to navigate complex technical landscapes. I thrive on the adrenaline rush that accompanies critical incidents—the urgency to restore services swiftly while maintaining clear communication with stakeholders.
My team and I work tirelessly to minimize disruptions and ensure seamless operations for our clients.

The Dream: Revolutionizing Sales Systems

I harbor a grand vision—one that transcends organizational boundaries.
My dream is to develop a Sales system that redefines the way businesses engage with customers.
Here are the pillars of this vision:
1. Empowering Entrepreneurs:
These visionaries are the backbone of our economy, and their success directly impacts communities and livelihoods.
Whether they’re launching a startup or scaling an existing business, my goal is to be their compass, guiding them toward sustainable growth.
2. Fulfilling and Enriching Business Lives:
I envision a world where entrepreneurs find fulfillment in their work, where passion and profit coexist harmoniously.
3. Nurturing the Next Generation of Sales Professionals:
I want to produce a new breed of Sales professionals—ones who understand the nuances of relationship-building, who see sales as a service rather than a transaction.